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The Duarte Unified School District offers a Spanish-English dual language immersion program at Beardslee Academy.  The dual language immersion program is available for students entering Kindergarten and First Grade. As Beardslee is a K-8 model, students will continue dual language instruction in specific subject areas when they reach 6-8 grades. The dual language immersion program at Beardslee has been designed to educate English learners and native English speakers together. The outcome is mastery of academic subject matter content in both English and Spanish.

Beardslee implements the 90:10 model. This means instruction begins in kindergarten with 90 percent in Spanish and 10 percent in English. In subsequent grades, instruction shifts by 10 percent each year, until becoming a 50/50 model by 4th grade with instruction delivered 50 percent in Spanish and 50 percent in English. The benefits of the program, supported by sound research, include promoting bilingualism and bi-literacy, academic achievement, and multi-cultural competence for all students. 

“We are excited Duarte USD will be offering families a dual language immersion option and that Beardslee has been selected as the first site to launch the program. In our global society, having mastery of a second language is a gift we can and should give our students,” said Principal of Beardslee, Jennifer Romero.

Families with children entering kindergarten and first grade can apply now by calling 626-599-5200 or by completing the enrollment request form here. We also encourage prospective families to visit Beardslee and all schools in the district by signing up for a campus tour at www.come2duarteusd.com or by calling 626-599-5019 to schedule an appointment.